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An alternative word embeddings visualizer..

Machine Learning Software Engineer

PhD in Electrical Engineering

San Jose, California

Recent PhD grad working in machine learning, computer vision, and data science with research and application skills in neural networks, feature selection, forecasting, using statistical, computer vision, and deep learning packages.


I work as Software Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc. designing architectures and implementing software prototypes.


Department of Electrical Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington

I worked at the Image Processing and Neural Networks Lab at UTA on machine learning, computer vision, data mining, signal processing, embedded systems, and Linux. I’m also a Software Carpentry certified instructor, and trained in flipped classroom pedagogy and research mentoring.

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Research Assistant
Spring 2014 – December 2016

My dissertation topic is near optimal feature selection from data (link). I also work on developing neural network training algorithms and applying neural networks to computer vision and biomedical applications such as license plate reading systems and cancer cell detection.

Summer 2013 – EE3318 Discrete Signals and Systems

Teaching Assistant

  • EE3417 Linear Systems (Fall 2013)
  • EE5350/EE4318 Digital Signal Processing (Spring 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2008)
  • EE4314 Control Systems (Spring 2013)
  • EE4330 Fundamentals of Telecommunication Systems (Spring 2012)
  • EE5356 Digital Image Processing (Spring 2011)
  • EE6314 Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers (Spring 2010)
  • EE4328 Microcontrollers (Spring 2009)

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